Consumers LP Gas Co.

At Consumers LP Gas Co., we sell space heaters manufactured by Vanguard, Mr. Heater and HearthRite. These heaters have a compacity to heat living areas ranging from 500 sq. ft. to 1100 sq. ft.

For more information concerning these heaters,  you can go to their web site( Vanguard, Mr. Heater or HearthRite ) or contact .Consumers LP Gas  Co.

If ones interest is in gas logs, there are varied designs and sizes to fit your existing fire place.

Maybe a stand along fire place is your desire. Again you have a choice of disigns and size

to fit your room size or heating disire. Not only do we sell these units, we also do a complete

installation including gas line, if needed. To see these units, you can go to their web site,Vanguard, or stop by Consumers LP Gas Co. for one on one information.