Consumers LP Gas Co.

At Consumers LP Gas Co., our propane delivery is broken down in three category:


..1. Keep full (route)...we put these customers on a monthly schedule where we go by their residence every month.

      The customers propane tank is topped of  if needed, assureing the customer that they will always have

      propane. They keep their bill paid  and we keep gas in their tank.


..2. Call - In (route)..these customers we also put on a monthly schedule where we go by and check their propane  

      tank each month. For these customers we check the percentage of propane in their tank and leave them

      a door hanger letting the customer know how much propane the customer has in their tank. With this 

      information the customer calls in for their propane as they need it. This method also assures the cus-

      tomer of not nunning out of propane.


..3. Call - In (no route)..these customers request that Consumers LP Gas Co. not to come on  their 

       property until they call. These customers are subject to run out of propane because of neglect of 

       checking the amount of propane in their tank


Consumers LP Gas Co.welcomes you to choose one of the above and give us a call.


For more information contact us at Consumers