Consumers LP Gas Co.

The Railroad Commission of Texas' Alternative Fuels Research and Education Division (AFRED) is charged with researching and educating the public about propane and other environmentally beneficial fuels that can help reduce air pollution.
As part of that commitment, the following consumer safety information is provided by Consumers LP Gas Co.

1.   What are propane characteristics?

2.   What are some good safety reminders?

3.   What do you do if you smell gas?

4.   What are some of the dangers of uncapped lines?

5.   What do you do if your safety relief valve pops off?

6.   How do you read your tank gauge?

7.   What are some general rules for appliance safety?

8.   What are general rules for lighting pilots on appliances?

9.   What are maintenance tips on your propane system?

10. What are some good gas grilling tips?

11. What are some tips in case of a weather emergency?