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10. What are some good gas grilling tips?
  •  Do not use a propane gas cylinder if it shows signs of external damage, such as dents, gouges, bulges, fire damage, corrosion, leakage or excessive rust.
 •  Before grilling, make sure the propane cylinder is secured to the grill as directed by the manufacturer.
 •  After grilling, the cylinder must not be stored indoors or within any enclosed space.
 •  Always open the grill hood before lighting, and light according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
 •  Never use gasoline or kerosene to start the fire.
 •  Always grill in a well-ventilated area. Do not grill indoors or close to the side of a building.
 •  Use foil or a drip pan to catch juices and help avoid grease fires.
 •  To see how much propane is left in your cylinder, run a wet finger down the side. The wet streak will evaporate faster over the empty part of the cylinder.
 •  To turn the cylinder valve on or off, remember “Righty, tighty/Lefty, loosey