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11. What are some tips in case of a weather emergency?
Take these steps to protect your family and property before and after a flood, hurricane or severe storm.

 •  Getting ready for a flood or hurricane:
 •  Properly secure the propane tank, if possible.
 •  Turn off the gas supply valve at the tank (“righty, tighty.”)
 •  Fasten the protective dome on the tank.

  •  Turn off appliance pilot lights, control valves and manual shut-off valves.
 •  Ensure there is an adequate supply of fuel in the tank.
 •  After the flood or hurricane has passed, look for visible structural damage, including damaged external venting and vent caps.

Call your propane dealer or a qualified technician if:
 •  You smell propane gas.
 •  Your propane tank has shifted or moved.
 •  The tank regulator has been exposed to water.
 •  The gas lines are broken, bent, damaged or have pulled away from the propane tank or appliances.
 •  Propane appliances or their controls have been exposed to water.